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The Good Kind of Self Destruction

The Good Kind of Self Destruction

Dear visionary, This message comes to you from the bush trail behind my house, where the constellation of crunchy dirt, tall trees and larrikin birds allows me to think. I come up here because it is free from the noise of life and allows me to collec...

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Becoming unstuck and in flow

Dear visionary, When you opt out of mediocrity and demand more for your life, you will be visited by all manner of feelings – good and bad, comfortable and uncomfortable, inspiring and uninspiring. This is the rent you pay for living a rich and ful...

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The secret to success is letting go

The most challenging and beautiful truth is that you are not in control of the outcome. No amount of forcing, wishing or controlling will guarantee your desired result in work, love, sport or life.Yes, you can train, prepare and set yourself up for t...

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