Do you feel weighed down, trapped or stressed out by life and want to find a way to settle your mind, bring positivity to your life and connect more closely to those around you?

Happiness isn’t always a given. It is easy to become weighed down, trapped and stressed out by life. I offer therapy services that help you sort through the mess, experience greater clarity and build resilience for life.

I offer down to earth therapy that gets you un-stuck from life’s dilemmas:

  • Feeling stressed out or overcome with anxiety
  •  Experiencing sadness, lack of motivation or depression
  •  Struggling with friendship or relationship issues
  •  Feeling frustrated, angry and irritable
  • Knowing what you should do to live a better life, but not following through

The approaches I use to help you achieve positive mental health:

  • Narrative Therapy
  • Positive Psychology
  • Mindfulness based techniques
  • Couples / Family Therapy
  • Family Systems Therapy

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