Dear visionary,

When you opt out of mediocrity and demand more for your life, you will be visited by all manner of feelings – good and bad, comfortable and uncomfortable, inspiring and uninspiring.

This is the rent you pay for living a rich and fulfilling life.
While it is tempting to go back into your shell, safe from the ups and downs of life, true meaning won’t be found there.

Living a rich and fulfilling life means confronting the truth that every experience has a flip-side:

  • Love has the flip-side of loss
  • Security has the flip-side of uncertainty
  • Clarity has the flip-side of overwhelm
  • Success is the flip-side of failure

You only become stuck in life when you lose your ability to flow between the two, for example clinging onto security impedes your ability to handle periods of uncertainty and spinning your wheels in overwhelm impedes your ability to re-discover clarity.

“The problem is not that failure is inherently woven into success – that is just life – the problem is that you fear failure and cling onto success. You sacrifice flow for control.”

Living out your full potential means mastering the art of moving graciously between all the experiences life has to offer. No clinging, no avoiding. Just moving as best you can, with as much ease as possible.

Before you close the browser and continue with business as usual, carve out some time to integrate this message into your life.

Here are some questions to get you started:
In what areas of life or specific moments are you experiencing a sense of flow? What lessons can you draw from this?

In what areas of life or specific moments are you stuck? What thoughts, emotions and behaviours are keeping you stuck?

What feelings are you trying to control or avoid? (Hint: These are the feelings you must learn to flow through – avoidance gives feelings more power)

What feelings are you trying to cling onto? (Hint: These are the feelings you need to hold more lightly – let them come and go, trusting they will return)

To your extraordinary life,

Em x